Times letters: Fracking and other possible energy solutions | Comment | The Times

2022-09-18 10:09:36 By : Ms. Anna Wang

Sir, Contrary to the assertions of the former energy minister Charles Hendry (“Don’t restart fracking, Tory leadership rivals told”, news, Aug 30), the case to restart fracking in the UK has never been stronger. Given the continued need for gas in any net-zero scenario, there is no measurable metric under which the case for shale gas is inferior to other (also much-needed) sources of energy.

Polling by YouGov showed that most people in northern England would back fracking if that meant discounted bills, which we can provide through our community benefits package. On climate impacts, UK shale has, at the point of delivery, a carbon intensity one quarter of liquefied natural gas. On land use, one producing shale site can provide, from an

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